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A Must-Have Tool for your Social Media Analytics Quiver - Facebook Marketing Science Blueprint Exam

We all know that Facebook is already one of the leading publishers when it comes to Social Media Advertising.

Let us look at some facts about Audiences available on Facebook -

1. Facebook has more than 1.5 Billion daily Actuve users
2. The average user spends 60 minutes per day

Let us see, what are the platforms/apps that we can access through Facebook Marketing Solutions -

  • Whatsapp - This app is still not open to advertising. But in the future, it will be possible to advertise on Whatsapp App too.

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook

  • Audience Network - This is the network of Facebook partnered websites and applications that offer their advertisement spots and inventories

  • Instagram

It is not easy to become a Social Media Expert, and it is even harder to showcase these skills. Fortunately, Facebook Blueprint Certification Exams comes to the rescue.

Facebook Blueprint Professional Certifications help you to prove your worth in front of any recruiter when it comes to marketing and advertising. Blueprint exams are one of the toughest exams in this industry and, this is because of the below reasons -

  1. It is an in-class exam. That is, you will be sitting in a classroom while giving the exam

  2. There will always be an invigilator along with you when you are giving the exam

  3. Sometimes, the questions are a page-long lengthy, which takes time and there is a time limit for the exam

We will discuss in detail about the exams on the separate blog. Let us focus on the types of Blueprint Exams available.

Earlier, there were only two Certification Exams -

1. Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional
2. Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

Recently, Facebook launched a new Blueprint Exam for Marketing Science Professionals.

Let us see, who are the ideal candidates for the exam and who should have it -

Media analyst
Data scientist
Quantitative researcher
Measurement partner
Measurement FMP analyst
Consultant (technical)

All of the people with the above job roles can benefit from this certification.

If a person wants to crack the exam, there are two ways that he/she can prepare for it -

1. Attend the in-class training conducted by the Facebook Education Trainers

2. Go through the E-learning Courses available online. Click here to check them out.

I myself have not attempted the exam yet. Once I have attempted, I will share some more tips on how to crack the exam.

Till then, Happy Learning!!!